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About our people and company

Software created by first time in 2009 by: Yairon Escalona Rodriguez. One of the most used USB Antivirus in the world.

We have a fantastic team of research and development of new models of software departing from basic concepts like the effectiveness and speed of processing of our applications without demanding large numbers of resources to the computer that processes them.

Most of our creations is written in the novel programming language LUA that has allowed us to reach important successes in our work, our software covers with stars USB-AV is an Antivirus with thousands of faithful followers in the whole world to 7 years of its official throwing.

We invest very much time and resources in the projects that excite us and we make them such as we would like using them in our own PCs. We like a simple, effective and special program that could be used by any user without to read the instruction manual.

We are provided with important recognition of the specializing criticism and our software is distributed by the biggest software download websites.

USB-AV strives to constantly develop technology to stay one step ahead in offering our customers the best antivirus detection, combined with flexible usability and performance.

...Congratulations USB-AV Antivirus team who daily strive to produce the excellent product and because they listen to their customers....